Development of antennas and antenna arrays

I accept orders for the development of microstripes antennas and antenna arrays in the range up to 40 GHz based on Rogers, Arlon and FR-4 materials.

  • development of antennas taking into account the placement, housing, layout of the device;
  • development of antennas with a radiation pattern of a given width and shape;
  • development of broadband antennas and antenna arrays with high gain;
  • assembling, soldering, measurements.

I can make an antenna without manufacturing by sending you a pcb or gerber files.

The minimum order price is 1000 $

Examples of antennas:

Antenna array 24 GHz
13 GHz antenna array
13 GHz antenna array
Wi-fi antenna with radiation upwards
9 GHz antenna array in the housing
9 GHz antenna array in the case
Antenna 5.5 GHz
1.5 – 4.5 GHz circular polarization antenna
Antenna array 9.1-9.5 GHz
Omnidirectional antenna 800 – 2500 MHz
Broadband antenna array 13-25 GHz
Broadband antenna array 13-25 GHz
4.86 GHz antenna array
Antenna array 9.5 GHz with radiation pattern = 3 deg
6-7 GHz Antenna
800/900/1600/1800/1900 MHz Antenna
Antenna for digital TV
Broadband emitter 7-11 GHz
Antenna array 9.3 GHz with gain = 21 dB
2.5 GHz omnidirectional antenna
Antenna 600 – 4000 MHz
GPS antenna
Vivaldi antenna 5-6 GHz
Power dividers and filters
Power dividers and filters

Our finished products are available and at low prices: