Design pcb antennas and antenna arrays

We accept orders for the design pcb antennas and antenna arrays in the range up to 40 GHz based on Rogers, Arlon and FR-4 materials.

  • design of pcb antennas taking into account the placement, housing, layout of the device;
  • design of pcb antennas with a radiation pattern of a required width and shape;
  • design of broadband antennas and antenna arrays with high gain;
  • assembling, soldering, measurements.

To get the result, we only need the technical specification and the design of the device. We will select the type of antenna, make an electrodynamic calculation with minimizing the VSWR and make a gerber file for production. After manufacturing the pcb, we will measure the characteristics and send the final gerber to the customer.

The minimum order price is 500 $

Examples of antennas:

Antenna array 24 GHz
13 GHz antenna array
13 GHz antenna array
Wi-fi antenna with radiation upwards
9 GHz antenna array in the housing
9 GHz antenna array in the case
Antenna 5.5 GHz
1.5 – 4.5 GHz circular polarization antenna
Antenna array 9.1-9.5 GHz
Omnidirectional antenna 800 – 2500 MHz
Broadband antenna array 13-25 GHz
Broadband antenna array 13-25 GHz
4.86 GHz antenna array
Antenna array 9.5 GHz with radiation pattern = 3 deg
6-7 GHz Antenna
800/900/1600/1800/1900 MHz Antenna
Antenna for digital TV
Broadband emitter 7-11 GHz
Antenna array 9.3 GHz with gain = 21 dB
2.5 GHz omnidirectional antenna
Antenna 600 – 4000 MHz
GPS antenna
Vivaldi antenna 5-6 GHz
Power dividers and filters
Power dividers and filters

The author of the site has extensive experience in the development of antenna systems for various purposes, had experience in managing a team of developers and is able to solve the most extraordinary tasks. Now he is an engineer who has chosen freedom and is ready for interesting adventures.

Some of our antennas are in stock:

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